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The Sanitation App Challenge is a multi-month process designed to increase awareness of challenges facing the sanitation sector and engage multiple stakeholders and experts in the field of sanitation and development alongside a volunteer technology community in order to conceptualize and build technology applications to address pressing sanitation challenges.

The primary objective of this App Challenge is to address major and globally-applicable sanitation problems by supporting the development of technology applications for deployment at scale and impact. An important secondary objective is to foster a global community of volunteer civic technologists, business and technology development experts, and sanitation specialists engaging in a constructive dialogue to develop solutions to sanitation challenges.

Sanitation Hackathon

The Sanitation App Challenge is a continuation of the efforts put forth during the Sanitation Hackathon, a global event held 1-2 December 2012 in which developers convene for a marathon weekend of “hacking”, or creative software development, to address problem statements around sanitation defined by sanitation specialists, experts, and other users in the months leading up to the event.

Participation and Submissions

In the Sanitation App Challenge, developers will compete for 10 shortlist slots to pitch their apps in a global digital awards event, taking place in March 2012. In order to be eligible to compete, developers must create a working app that addresses one or more of the sanitation problem statements defined in the Briefing section of this website.

The main Sanitation App Challenge consists of three phases: hack-at-home, online competition, and digital App Circus.

1. Hack-at-home

Hack-at-home is a platform for supporting the app development process. It enables the creation of multi-disciplinary teams, online collaboration, and support from mentors and experts as well as peers. It is open and free for any app creator, i.e. developers, designers, marketeers, communicators, or just people with good ideas.

The Sanitation App Challenge hack-at-home begins just before the Sanitation Hackathon (1-2 December 2012) and runs until March, 2013. During this period, participants can register, create teams if needed and present their initial app ideas to the mentors in order to get valuable feedback (submitting ideas for feedback is limited to January 4, 2013). The mentors and the broader community are available to provide support along the process to help with the app development. Prior to submitting their working app to the online competition, app creators will be given another round of feedback on their finalized app.

2. Online competition

The online competition begins on March 8, 2013, immediately following the app submission deadline. All apps that fulfill the requirements of the Sanitation App Challenge, regardless of platform, are eligible.

In March 8, 2013, the submitted apps will open for public voting and jury evaluation. Nine jury-selected winners, plus the winner of the public vote, will be selected as the 10 final winning apps that will participate in the digital awards event in March 2013 (date subject to changes).

Developers may submit their app directly to the online competition if they wish, regardless of whether they participate in the hack-at-home process. In this case, these developers are not eligible to participate in the mentoring sessions to obtain valuable information and feedback from the mentors. For this reason it is strongly recommended that all users register and participate in the hack-at-home process.


General rules for participation to the Sanitation App Challenge

  • Participation to the app challenge is free and open to any developer or firm.
  • All registered participants have the right to use as frequently as they wish any of the public communication tools of the platform in order to interact with the mentors and other users, including forums, webinars, hangouts, posts, and online discussions.
  • Use of appropriate language on these channels is required, and the organizers reserve the right to ban users that use any kind of offensive language.
  • Each participant has available limited time of private live sessions with the mentors: initial feedback on the draft app idea (approx. 20min), troubleshooting during the hack-at-home (estimated to 30min according to number participants and mentors) and final feedback on the submitted app (approx. 20min). These sessions will be arranged according to the availability of both mentor and participant.
  • Confidentiality of all information exchanged during private interactions with mentors is ensured.
  • Most interactions on the App Challenge platform will be done in English.


General rules for submission of apps to the online competition:

  • Submissions and presentations to the online competition are free and open to any developer or firm.
  • The competition is open to apps running on any platform.
  • Applicants can submit more than one app. However only one app from each applicant can be chosen as a finalist.
  • Applications must serve a sanitation-related need as described in the briefing. The jury maintains the right to disqualify any app not following these conditions and criteria for participation.
  • All members of a shortlisted or winning application team may not be awarded certain prizes, including transporation/hotel, etc.
  • Apps are submitted on the Online Competition through the AppCircus platform at appcircus.com. Terms and Conditions of AppCircus apply.
  • In addition to submitting your app here, you MUST also add your app to the Sanitation Hackathon marketplace so the world can learn about it. Then, add information about any deployments (beta tests, etc.) that the app has had.
  • All pitches, app explanations, and other marketing material must be done in English.

Licensing and Code Sharing

We believe in giving participants the most freedom possible in licensing their work, balanced with the freedom of others to use and adapt technologies to their needs. We strongly suggest that all prototypes use Open source software and are licensed under an OSI approved license. While you are free to choose any license, we recommend using one listed as “Licenses that are popular and widely used or with strong communities”.

The teams developing applications for this Sanitation App Challenge retain all Commercial Rights to their application developed. Subject to any agreements a team may make with a sponsor prior to application submission:

  • You will continue to own any applicable intellectual property rights in your application.
  • You may permit download of your application by the public free of charge or for a fee.
  • The application may include in‐application advertising if you wish, provided that the advertising does not contradict rules herein regarding, e.g., offensive language.


By submitting the application to this Competition, you grant the World Bank a royalty‐free license, for a period not to exceed one year, to:

  • Post on World Bank and associated websites information about the application including, but not limited to, details about the storyline, characters, screenshots, etc., and a link to the downloadable application in the online store of the applicable software platform (e.g. Android Play Store, Apple Store) or, if not sold through such platform, to your website.
  • Publicize the names of Competition participants (including the individual members of a team) and winners, and their Applications through media and events of the organizer’s choosing.
  • Deploy or otherwise utilize the application.

Out of Scope Apps

Apps must address one or more problem statements defined in the Briefing. In particular, we cannot support the development of projects that are:

  • Illegal in the US or country of the participants
  • Primarily political, sectarian or religious in nature
  • Discriminatory to any person or group of persons
  • Related to weapons/ammunition, tobacco, or adult-oriented

Evaluation Criteria

  • Addresses the problem statement(s) and solves a real user’s needs
  • Quality of user interface
  • Technical and operational feasibility
  • Economic and financial sustainability
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Team effort
  • Public voting

Final Award and Prizes

10 teams/individuals with the most highly rated apps, as determined by an international jury and the public vote, will be selected as winners during the final round of online competition and they will be invited to present virtually at World Water Day in March. At least one team will be selected among these winning finalists to send representatives to travel to Silicon Valley for a week-long “Inspiration Tour”.

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