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Online voting and judges

We have now arrived at the final stage of the Sanitation App Challenge! During this stage, all parti... Read More »

Coming up: coding and prototypes

Idea process is almost finished, we will close the idea submission in the following couple of days a... Read More »

Send us your idea!

Submit your idea for feedback before January 4th! Before you begin implementing anything, have a tal... Read More »

Guidelines for participation

Welcome and thanks for registering to the Sanitation App Challenge! We hope you will find the whole ... Read More »


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iPad and iPhone Application development from Stanford

Hi! I fould these cool links with online resources of the Stanford University’s course on iPho... Read More »

Start developing Android apps

This post is just about providing the reader a quick start point. There is plenty of documentation a... Read More »

The application lifecycle

The key workflow of android application is given by the Activity class. The activities are the main ... Read More »

Choosing the right platform for your app (I)

This is the first of a series of posts where we will try to help you choose the platform that best s... Read More »

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