Guidelines for participation

Welcome and thanks for registering to the Sanitation App Challenge! We hope you will find the whole process exciting!

Our goal (and now your goal!) is to build fully working apps focusing on one or more of the Sanitation problem statements found at the Briefing of the challenge.

To help you in this task, we have prepared a step-by-step process for you:

Step 1: Build your team!

Sure, you can also participate alone if you want, but having a team is more fun! Do you miss some User Experience or Marketing expert? Explain your idea and search for team members that want to collaborate with you in our Forums.

Step 2: Submit your idea for feedback!

Before you begin implementing anything, have a talk with our Mentors and see if your idea is on the right track or how you can make it even better. You can do so by filling this form, where you must briefly explain all aspects of your project such as:

  • a short description of your idea, what you wanna do and how is this different from the rest
  • technical details (platform and technologies used)
  • some sketch or drawing of a first user design
  • a small marketing or business plan

Our Mentors will get back to you with their feedback in less than a week! Submission of ideas will be open from Dec 10 to Jan 4, so start preparing your ideas!

If you are not able to submit your idea before the deadline, don’t worry, you can still participate in the Challenge. After January 4th you can submit directly your app in order to receive feedback from the mentors and make sure you follow the rules and briefing of the Challenge.

Step 3: App coding and troubleshooting!

Once you receive your feedback and comments from the mentors, it is time to put them in practice. But keep visiting the Sanitation App Challenge website, since our experts are posting valuable training material and tutorials under Resources and we are keeping you updated with frequent news and announcements.

Are you stuck somewhere? Don’t worry, you can always turn to our mentors for help! You have various channels available in order to reach them:

  • through comments to their posts
  • by asking questions in the Forums
  • by participating in a live chat/video mentoring one-to-one session with them
  • or you can always turn for help to the fellow participants of the challenge in the Forums

Follow us also on Twitter (hashtag #SanHack) for news and announcements.

Step 4: Submit your app for feedback!

Once your app is finished, you can submit it for a last check and a new round of interactions with our Mentors. Their final comments will help you correct small details before submitting your app to the last step of the Challenge, the Online Competition. App submission is now open until Feb 28NEW DEADLINE: MARCH 3rd!. After this date, alls apps will be validated and pass directly to the Online Competition for public voting! In order to be eligible for the competition, you MUST also add your app to the Sanitation Hackathon marketplace so the world can learn about it. Then, add information about any deployments (beta tests, etc.) that the app has had.

If you have any questions regarding the hackathome process, please send us an email in [email protected]

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