Online voting and judges

We have now arrived at the final stage of the Sanitation App Challenge! During this stage, all participating apps are made visible and available to public vote and judges evaluation, you can see them all here. Public vote can be done either through the “Vote now” button (using your Facebook account) or through Twitter, by sending any tweet containing BOTH the hashtag of the competition... Read More »

Coming up: coding and prototypes

Idea process is almost finished, we will close the idea submission in the following couple of days and right after that we will open the app submission period. If you have already submitted your idea and received some feedback from your mentor, what should you do next? You can now start building your app! Read carefully your mentor’s comments and try to follow their suggestions so as to impr... Read More »

iPad and iPhone Application development from Stanford

Hi! I fould these cool links with online resources of the Stanford University’s course on iPhone Application development, have a look and hope you like them Material of the 2011-2012 Fall course iTunesU Podcast of the course... Read More »

Start developing Android apps

This post is just about providing the reader a quick start point. There is plenty of documentation and of excellent quality in the official developer site, but we are going to focus on the required tools. In order to start developing Android you will need to install the Eclipse IDE, you will find it here. Then you will need to Android specific downloads. For the SDK just follow step by step the... Read More »

The application lifecycle

The key workflow of android application is given by the Activity class. The activities are the main entities that you will need to get used too. They control the will give you the interaction with the phone services and the UI design. Android uses several Activity callbacks to inform you about environmental changes; when the current activity is visible, when it is not, when you should save state, ... Read More »

Send us your idea!

Submit your idea for feedback before January 4th! Before you begin implementing anything, have a talk with our Mentors and see if your idea is on the right track and how you can make it even better.... Read More »

Choosing the right platform for your app (I)

This is the first of a series of posts where we will try to help you choose the platform that best suites your app goals, the technologies that will enable you to properly deploy your app into the market, and the monetization tools that you can incorporate to achieve a profitable app (in terms of users and/or income). The first decision you have to make when deciding to create an app, is the targe... Read More »

Guidelines for participation

Welcome and thanks for registering to the Sanitation App Challenge! We hope you will find the whole process exciting! Our goal (and now your goal!) is to build fully working apps focusing on one or more of the Sanitation problem statements found at the Briefing of the challenge. To help you in this task, we have prepared a step-by-step process for you: Step 1: Build your team! Sure, you can also p... Read More »

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