7. Governance: Enabling Efficient and Effective Sanitation Services

Sanitation Problem 7

Governance: Enabling Efficient and Effective Sanitation Services

The situation

Providing access to safe sanitation is one of the main logistical challenges facing governments in the world’s developing regions. Issues like poor coordination between departments (health, education, DPHE), dealing with NGOs, CSOs & the private sector when implementing sanitation projects, unreliable demand and supply data at each level of the sanitation supply chain (suppliers of suppliers, suppliers, aggregators, hardware stores, masons and households) and inefficiencies in sanitation services have a direct effect on the lives of the local population.

Some ways your app could help:

  • Improve monitoring of sanitation services
  • Better response to needs on the ground
  • Strengthening supply chain in sanitation
  • Better information for citizens

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