5. Sanitation facilities are often not suitable for girls!

Sanitation Problem 5

Sanitation facilities are often not suitable for girls!

The situation

In developing countries, menstruation is the number one cause of school absenteeism, ahead of malaria and other diseases – it can cause girls to miss up to 20% of school days, and is a major barrier to empowering women and girls. Menstrual health education and gender-friendly sanitation facilities go a long way towards improving the situation, but we need to monitor to ensure that girls’ attendance in schools picks up after providing menstrual health education/gender-friendly sanitation facilities.

Some ways your app could help:

  • Increase empowerment and employability of girls and women
  • Improve school attendance and overall health of girls
  • Facilitate the work of menstrual health educators
  • Increase girls’ knowledge of sanitation issues

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