3. Children are at risk from poor sanitation!

Sanitation Problem 3

Children are at risk from poor sanitation!

The situation

Worldwide, diarrhea and pneumonia cause more deaths among children than diseases like HIV, TB and Malaria combined. Children are particularly vulnerable to waterborne diseases caused by poor hygiene, bad waste water and other sanitation issues. Often, children are unaware of the importance of such a simple action as washing their hands: a daily habit that could save their lives. Considering that children are the agents of change of the future, it is vital that they have the cognitive tools to deal with these issues now and in the future for the good of the whole community.

Some ways your app could help:

  • Raising awareness through games
  • Educating children about the importance of hygiene
  • Finding ways to speak directly to children in a language they’ll understand
  • Incentivizing them to improve behaviour
  • Creating communication tools that are fun for children to use and share among their peers

Supported by

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