2. People don’t wash their hands!

Sanitation Problem 2

People don’t wash their hands!

The situation

11 percent of child deaths in the world, representing 759 000 per year, or 2079 a day, are due to diarrheal diseases. Hand washing with soap (HWWS) at critical moments reduces the rates of diarrheal diseases by almost 50% and other respiratory diseases by 30%.
Yet, many people fail to wash their hands after using a toilet. This is not a ‘country issue’ as both ‘developed’ and ‘developing’ countries have this problem. Neither is this an age related problem as many adults and children alike lack the practice of washing hands.

Some ways your app could help:

  • raise awareness of the importance of hand-washing
  • teach good hand-washing practice
  • involve schools and households alike
  • remind people in context to wash their hands

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