10. Rural areas are especially vulnerable to a lack of safe sanitation

Sanitation Problem 10

Rural areas are especially vulnerable to a lack of safe sanitation


The situation

Significant investments are needed to provide access to sanitation in rural areas, where infrastructure and education are often poor. Issues like access to centralized water sources and open defecation can contribute to ground water pollution. Women and children do not have access to safe water contributing to an increasing prevalence of serious infectious diseases. In many rural areas, no actual environmental or water quality data is available, foreign assistance is often scarce and the quality of life continues to deteriorate.

Some ways your app could help:

  • Providing simple tools to improve knowledge and education around hygiene
  • Helping women to participate in the development of safe sanitation
  • Allocating financial resources to develop adequate sanitation
  • Engaging stakeholders in the issue of rural sanitation
  • Helping to discover which communities are in need of help

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