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Sanitation App Challenge

The Sanitation App Challenge has finished!

We are very proud to announce the grand prize winners from the Sanitation App Challenge! After four rounds of judging, mSchool, SunClean, and Taarifa have emerged as the winners of the inspirational tour to Silicon Valley! The winning teams were announced at the World Bank on April 19, 2013 in Washington D.C. with representatives from each team flown in for the event.

The Sanitation Hackathon is truly a global, citizen-driven collaborative effort and we hope everyone enjoyed being part of the experience. Please continue to follow-up on us and the great ideas submitted for this competition via this site. This website serves as a great resource for participants to showcase their innovative solutions to sanitation challenges for other developers, development organizations, and potential sponsors!

Visit the Sanitation Hackathon page for more information!

  • Winning teams and Organizers

    Winning teams and Organizers
  • SunClean team

    SunClean team
  • Taarifa team

    Taarifa team
  • mSchool team

    mSchool team

Challenge duration

1 DEC.2012 – 22 MAR.2013

Impact on social networks

11.601.928users have heard talking about the competition on twitter

Grand Prize Winner: mSchool

“mSchool is a tremendous educational tool which enables primary school students to defend their basic service delivery rights”

“Thank you all for this wonderful experience!”

Check also the rest of the 10 finalist apps here.

Grand Prize Winner: Taarifa

“The nature of the organisation ensures an equitable environment for the exchange and development of ideas, consequently Taarifa welcomes contributions from different skill sets and areas of expertise to shape and solve local and global issues.”

Grand Prize Winner: SunClean

“We hope we can change behavior because educating children, as the next generation, is absolutely crucial. Reaching out to them through games is one way to have a learning impact”

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